Frequently Asked Questions

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Friends of Los Altos, from the catalyst of its creation to the selection of our advisors. More FAQ's will be added in the future, as appropriate.


How was the Los Altos Neighborhood Network integrated into Friends of Los Altos?

The Boards of Directors of Friends of Los Altos (FOLA) and the Los Altos Neighborhood Network (LANN) announced that each Board unanimously approved a consolidation of the two organizations. Both Boards believed that joining forces was in the best interest of the Los Altos community, and are enthusiastic about their shared vision for Los Altos. As part of the consolidation, all active LANN Board of Directors members joined either the FOLA Board of Directors or Advisors. While the monthly LANN newsletter has been discontinued, its purpose continues to be fulfilled by the brief white papers periodically distributed by FOLA on topics of vital concern to Los Altos residents.

Was the Friends of Los Altos organization created to criticize the current Los Altos City Council, Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School Board of Trustees, Los Altos School District Board of Trustees, and/or Bullis Charter School Board of Directors?

No. The purpose of the Friends of Los Altos is to inform our elected officials and our community on issues important to Los Altans, and to advocate for decisions that reflect the values of City of Los Altos residents.

But aren't our local elected officials supposed to represent us?

Yes. However, in recent years a growing number of advocacy groups have arisen to influence local public policy decisions and elections. The leaders of these groups are politically savvy and well-organized. As a result, they can have an impact on local issues that is disproportionate to the number of Los Altans who share their views. Therefore, an umbrella organization reflecting the views of the broader community, and in particular the residents of the City of Los Altos, is needed to represent the rest of us.

Is the Friends of Los Altos just a means for former Los Altos City Council members and Los Altos School District trustees to attempt to influence decisions now that they are no longer in office?

No. The founding Board of Directors and Advisors of the Friends of Los Altos are respected community leaders with deep roots in the City of Los Altos who care passionately about our community, whether or not they currently hold elected office.   They have demonstrated their dedication to Los Altos over many years, and are committed to a balanced, unbiased, fact-based approach.

In what other ways does the Friends of Los Altos organization engage with the Los Altos community?

Since it was founded, Friends of Los Altos Board of Directors President has met with the leadership of numerous groups throughout the Los Altos community. The purpose of these meetings has been to introduce the organization, to maintain open channels of communication, and to gather input/advise. These meetings have proven to be both positive and productive.

What is the Friends of Los Altos Board of Directors position on the Bullis Charter School-Los Altos School District facilities conflict?

The Friends of Los Altos Board of Directors is generally in favor of solutions that best serve the needs of all residents of the City of Los Altos. We see the recently-approved 5-year facilities agreement between Bullis Charter School and the Los Altos School District as a step in the right direction.

Who was elected in the most recent general election by City of Los Altos voters?

The public officials who were elected by City of Los Altos voters on November 8, 2016 are, in order of vote count:

Cupertino Union School District – Liang Chao and incumbent Phyllis Vogel

Fremont Union High School District – incumbent Jeff Moe and Roy Rocklin

Los Altos City Council – incumbents Jan Pepper and Jeanie Bruins, and Lynette Lee-Eng

Los Altos School District – 2 year seat: Bryan Johnson.  4 year seats (unopposed): incumbent Steven Taglio and Jessica Speiser

Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District – (unopposed) Sanjay Dave and Phil Faillace

Santa Clara County Board of Education Area 1 - Grace Mah

Santa Clara County Board of Education Area 3 - Rosemary Kamei

Santa Clara County Board of Education Area 4 - (unopposed) Joseph Di Salvo

El Camino Healthcare District – (unopposed) incumbents Julia Miller, Dennis Chiu and John Zoglin

Los Altos School District Measure GG passed with 70.65% of the vote

For other County, State and Federal office election results, visit: