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Friends of Los Altos, Inc. (FOLA) is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-run organization comprised of City of Los Altos residents. Founded in 2013, FOLA was created to ensure that issues of critical importance and decisions with long-lasting impact reflect the values of the broader community of Los Altans.

In July 2014, the Boards of Directors of Friends of Los Altos (FOLA) and the Los Altos Neighborhood Network (LANN) announced that each Board unanimously approved a consolidation of the two organizations. Both Boards believed that joining forces was in the best interest of the Los Altos community, and were enthusiastic about their shared vision for Los Altos. As part of the consolidation, all active LANN Board of Directors members joined the FOLA Board of Directors or Advisors. While the monthly LANN newsletter has been discontinued, its purpose continues to be fulfilled by the brief white papers periodically distributed by FOLA on topics of vital concern to Los Altos residents.

A Message from the President

Welcome to the Friends of Los Altos website!  Our Board of Directors is committed to a balanced, unbiased, fact-based approach, and is intended to serve as a bridge within our community. Our goals are to inform our elected officials and our community on issues important to Los Altans, and to advocate for decisions that reflect the values of City of Los Altos residents.

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Best Regards,

Jon Baer
President of the Board of Directors
Friends of Los Altos, Inc.

Honoring LANN's Legacy

Like FOLA, LANN was a community-based organization run by volunteers. A highly-respected organization that had credibility and influence throughout Los Altos, LANN provided a connection to neighborhood groups across the city, thus enabling the organization to reach a more extensive network. Its mission was to foster community awareness, influence community leaders, and encourage members to share their voices on issues of importance to the Los Altos community. LANN focused on traffic, schools, and downtown development, and covered many other key topics which affect residents, businesses and those who work in the City.

LANN's main purpose was to publish a newsletter with in-depth articles typically not found in daily or weekly news publications. LANN published its first newsletter in August 2000. Its history goes back even further, to the Homeowners League founded in the 1990s. The LANN newsletter reflected the spirit of the Los Altos community and served as a public forum where local concerns could be raised and written about.

The FOLA Board of Directors has tremendous respect and admiration for LANN's work during the fifteen years of its existence, and thanks all those who contributed their time, talent and treasure to the organization.

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